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We will carry out final performance standard test(SAE J1826) to make sure the customized turbocharger meets customer requirements.

Turbocharger Assembly & Performance Standard Test

We have sophisticated and specialty software and hardware.

We can provide comprehensive services.

Software & Equipments


To meet specific customer requirements,  we are proud to being one of turbocharger manufacturers which can offer these customization services. Whether you want to optimize an existing turbocharger, or you need a completely customized turbocharger, we offer one stop service from sample design to bulk orders.


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (07)6955216 or fill out the following form

Head Office
Get a quote: (07)6955216

No. 6, Luke 3rd Road, Lujhu District,

82151 Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, R.O.C

Tel: (07) 6955216

Fax: (07) 6955218

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Coordinate-Measuring Machine

We are able to provide precise measurements of objects for design, testing, assessment, profiling, and reverse engineering of parts.

Reverse Engineering

We own handheld 3D scanner which able to reverse parts and components, thus we are able to build 3D file and drawings for analysis through simulation software in order to improve it's performance.

Parametric design

We design blades by using software like ANSYS BladeGen to improve the performance of impeller.

CFD Analysis

The performance of impeller.

CFD Analysis

The performance of turbocharger.


 We have been engaged in the development and production of turbine-related rotating machinery for more than 10 years. Our products include turbine turbocharger, turbine, centrifugal compressor, reciprocating compressor and other related parts production, unit upgrade and development.

Our main services consist of:

1. Energy system analysis and construction

2. Turbomachinery component manufacture, refurbishment and re-rate

3. Turbocharger, turbine, compressor design, manufacture and re-rate


Now, we also engaged in turbocharger industry and we have a complete design, test and verification capability and equipment from the turbocharger design to development process. We have sufficient experience and judgment model from the overall performance evaluation analysis to the turbine runner and impeller design.


Further, with the turbocharger development trial needs, ,we have sophisticated equipments and great inspection instrument such as coordinate-measuring machine, low-speed balancing machine, high-speed balancing machine and other Nondestructive-Testing (NDT) equipments.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at any time at +886-7-6955216 or e-mail,

We are ready to serve you better!


Turbo Performance Customization

Performance Test & Thermo-shock 



Year Established
Design & Analysis

​Engine System Matching


Green Power Engineering Corporation


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